7oz. Waikiki Blend Coffee
7oz. Waikiki Blend Coffee

7oz. Waikiki Blend Coffee


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7oz Waikiki Blend Coffee

  • Waikiki means "spouting water" which was a reference to the rivers and springs which richly flowed from the Ko'olaus into the area. In the 1400s Chief Kalamakua designed an irrigation system to take advantage of Waikiki's abundant resources making it an ideal place for fishponds and taro patches. In the 1450s, it became the city center of Oahu and was the setting for one of Hawaii's most historic battles, when King Kamehameha arrived to conquer and unite the islands under one realm. Waikiki is now considered the quintessential Hawaiian destination. Its palm tree-lined streets and picturesque coastline with the dormant Diamond Head volcano as it's backdrop make it a dream in living color and home to some of the island's most iconic scenes. Inspired by the cool, light winds and salty air of Waikiki, this roast contains 10% Premium Hawaiian coffee beans and is a perfect daily pick-me-up, best enjoyed while combing the beach.
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